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Think of Tastefully Fit as a lifestyle change – not as a diet. And the lifestyle change isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Tastefully Fit is a plan for clean eating. It’s a plan for eating more like we should – 5-6 small meals a day. The meals include items that are  fuel for our bodies – not processed food, which is convenient, but generally not healthy.

Clean eating the Tastefully Fit way involves preparing meals that showcase food in its more natural state. If we try to eat things that are closest to the way they appear in nature, we will enhance the nutritional benefits of each small meal. Portion size is also critical.

Introducing and maintaining a healthy mix of cardio and strength training will compliment the Tastefully Fit menus and eating plan. It is up to you if you want to use Tastefully Fit to advance to a body building physique or if you just want to feel better, lose some extra weight, and/or develop a more healthy lifestyle.

These concepts are not new; however, Tastefully Fit is a unique program capitalizing on simple, delicious menu choices, along with result-producing exercise regiments. We are focusing on the food and nutritional aspects of the program for this edition. In the next edition of “The Tastefully Fit Guide,” we will include more recipes and detailed information about proven workout strategies to augment your new eating style!

This program was designed with the assistance of certified nutritionists, expert body builders, and leading the team is Chef Wes Stepp – owner and head chef of Red Sky Cafe in Duck, North Carolina.


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